Local Plus ADSL - Always On Super Fast Broadband

LOCAL Plus is a dedicated Local Internet account with a bit of International bandwidth thrown in.

Get a Local Plus Internet account, Now with FREE International access* - The local accounts allow full access to Banking, Websites, News servers, Gaming servers and Security cameras all if hosted in South Africa.

That's not all... The Local Plus account now comes with the added benefit of free international access* via fibre and not satellite! So, the first 1, 2 or 3GB's bandwidth used of this account is classed as international, allowing your usual International browsing.

Included with your Local Only Plus service:

  • Full access to the Internet Solutions News Servers.
  • Full access to the Internet Solutions SMTP servers to send out emails.

Please be aware of the following:

  • A Local Only Plus account can not be topped up. You will need a new account if you run out of bandwidth in the middle of the month.
  • This is a monthly account. Bandwidth not used in the month will be lost. It is not carried over to the next month.
  • The first 1,2 or 3GB bandwidth of this account is considered as international. If you use the first 1,2 or 3GB as local or International it is still considered as International. After this 1,2 or 3GB the remaining bandwidth is local only.

Subject to Terms & Conditions. E&OE. Prices include VAT. ALL ChiselledAtom accounts are NOT charged pro-rata. You will pay for the full month on activation, even if the activation date is the last day of the month.

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Local Plus ADSL - Always On Super Fast Broadband


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 9GB Local

2GB International +
 18GB Local

3GB International +
 27GB Local

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Internet Solutions Network

Internet Solutions Network

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What do I need to get ChiselledAtom Broadband?

You must have a current ADSL line with Telkom and an ADSL/Modem Router in order to use ChiselledAtom Broadband

What is the difference between Monthly & Pre-paid?

In short, Pre Paid allows for complete usage of your package up until you either run out or decide to top-up. Pre-Paid is perfect for people on a budget who need to control their spending. Pre Paid Broadband is also activated within a business day, so you can get using it right away. Standard ADSL Broadband does not carry over to the next month, where Pre-Paid only expires after 1 year of non use.

How do you bill for broadband?

It's easy with ChiselledAtom Broadband - billing takes place on the first of every month.

Can I monitor my usage?

Yes, absolutely - ChiselledAtom will send a notification by email when your cap has reached 50%, 75%, 80% or 90% of usage. You can also log into your ADSL Control Panel (Found under the Home link) and view your daily usgae stats.

Robust ADSL Network

  • Constant Network Monitoring
  • Superior Performance
  • Low Latency Broadband

ChiselledAtom takes advantage of the most up to date network technologies to ensure your Broadband experience is super fast, reliable and always on.

Perfect for Gaming & VOIP

  • Reliable Network Infrastructure
  • Low Latency ADSL
  • Superior connection quality

SoHo ADSL's international bandwidth is supplied via fibre optic links on the undersea Seacom / SAT3 cable and not via Satellite.. This gives you a FASTER surfing experience without all the latency.

Online in no Time

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  • Secure Purchase
  • Business Day Activation

Instant EFT   Master Card & Visa

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ChiselledAtom accepts Visa, Mastercard, uCash & EFT secure transfers

24/7 Technical Support

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  • Non-Outsourced

Our inhouse staff are ready to assist you.

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Business day account activation, complimenting your ChiselledAtom Broadband Package with reliable web hosting for personal or business use. Your digital presence remains online at all times.

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