Free Website Applications

Fantastico De Luxe is an amazing cPanel/PHP based Web application. It integrates with cPanel and gives you the ability to automagically install below listed popular Open Source Applications. With Fantastico the installation procedure of all of the following scripts takes only seconds and can be performed by novices without the need of setting up MySQL databases, importing structure, chmoding files and without the need of other tasks usually associated with installations:

Of course any of these scripts and so much more can be installed for your by our professional php developemnt team at a minimal cost.


  • b2evolution is a news/weblog tool, which allows users to run newsfeeds and weblogs.
  • Nucleus is a tool, which helps users create and maintain a personal blog, a family page, an online business site or online journals
  • WordPress is a personal publishing script, which offers a cross-blog tool, password-protected posts, importing, Multiple Authors and Bookmarklets.


  • Drupal is an advanced open-source content management tool for creating dynamic websites, which provides a broad range of features and services such as: user administration, publishing workflow, discussion capabilities, news aggregation, metadata functionalities using controlled vocabularies and XML publishing for content sharing purposes.
  • Geeklog is an open-source content management tool, which offers a broad range of modules.
  • Joomla! is a powerful Open Source CMS used for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications.
  • Mambo Open Source is a high-level portal and content management system, which offers inline WYSIWYG content editors, news feeds, syndicated news, banners, mailing users, links manager, statistics, content archiving, date-based content, 20 languages, modules and components.
  • PHP-Nuke is a very popular community-based portal with a large choice of modules and languages. It features multiple capabilities such as web administration, polls/surveys with comments, statistics, user customizable boxes, a banner system, backend/headlines generation, a search engine, file manager, download manager, FAQ manager, etc
  • phpWCMS is an Open Source web content management system, which works on any standard webserver platform that supports PHP/MySQL and gives users the flexibility to separate layout and content.
  • phpWebSite is a feature-rich content management system, which offers announcements, menu management, document management, link management, photo albums, block makers, FAQ, a web pages maker, polls, an information categorizer, a calendar, a form generator, etc.
  • Siteframe is a content management system with which a group of users can share stories and photographs, send email, and participate in group activities.
  • Typo3 is a free, feature rich, content management system built with PHP and running under UNIX and Windows.
  • Xoops is an object-oriented CMS with which users can develop weblogs, dynamic community websites and intra-company portals.
  • Zikula is a Web Application Toolkit, which allows you to run impressive websites and build powerful online applications. Zikula has received praise for many things, but we belive the highlights are ease of use, quick and easy development, security and performance and lastly flexibility.


  • Crafty Syntax Live Help is a live help chat system, which provides monitoring of visitors, multiple chat sessions, referrer tracking, page-view tracking, multiple operators, canned responses/images/URLs.
  • Help Center Live is a feature-rich all-in-one help center, which offers live help, support tickets and FAQ. It features unlimited operators/departments, visitor monitoring, chat initiation, collecting of visitor information, tracking of visitor footprints, auto-saving of chat transcripts, canned messages, unlimited FAQ questions, etc.
  • osTicket is an open-source support ticket system, which provides pop3 login, unlimited e-mail addresses, admin/staff/user panels, email intervals to prevent auto-responder loops, limitation of the maximum number of tickets a user can have opened, the ability to accept attachments, page alerts for administrators and more.
  • PHP Tickets is a basic, single-administrator support ticket system, which includes self-registration, e-mails to the administrator, attachments, etc.
  • Support Logic Helpdesk is a support ticket system, which offers multiple e-mail addresses, admin/staff/user panels, canned responses, HTML tags support, e-mail limit on a per user/day basis, attachments and more.
  • Support Services Manager is a Support Desk and Knowledge Base application, which allows users to add a Knowledge Base along with a support request or "trouble ticket" management system to their support services.


  • phpBB is a popular open-source forum tool with an easy-to-use user interface and an easily customizable administration panel.
  • SMF is a community software, which includes themes, fast database, secure file attachments and automatic mod installation.


  • CubeCart is an easy-to-use shopping cart, which offers unlimited categories and products, multiple payment gateways, downloadable products, etc.
  • OS Commerce is a feature-rich shopping cart with a large selection of modules and support for almost all payment gateways.
  • Zen Cart is a free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart system, which can be installed and set up by anyone with the most basic computer skills.


  • FAQMasterFlex is a free, database-driven web-based application for creating and maintaining Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) sections on users' websites.


  • AccountLab Plus can lookup over 180 TLD's, have unlimited hosting plans, offer monthly, quarterly, six monthly and yearly payment options, handle tax. AccountLab works with PayPal, WorldPay (FuturePay), NoChex, 2checkout and offline payments such as checks or bank transfer.
  • phpCOIN is a comprehensive billing/invoicing application, perfect for web hosting resellers to manage their customer orders, invoices, notes and helpdesk. The tool can be used by different types of businesses as well.


  • 4Images Gallery is an image gallery script, which offers unlimited categories/subcategories, FTP upload of images, auto-generated thumbnails, comments, the ability to send and rate pictures, random picture display and a powerful administration panel.
  • Coppermine Photo Gallery is an image gallery tool, which provides categories and albums, thumbnails and intermediate size pictures, new and random picture displays, a search feature, user management (private galleries, groups) and comments, an e-cards feature, slideshow viewer and more.
  • Gallery is an open source web-based photo album organizer, which gives users a way to blend photo management seamlessly into their own website.


  • PHPlist is a feature-rich mailing script, which includes multiple mailing lists and attachments.


  • Advanced Poll is a polling system, which features multiple polls, templates, multi-language support, IP-Logging, IP-Locking, cookie support, comment feature, vote expire feature, random poll support and more.
  • phpESP is a web-based survey application, which enables users to create complex and advanced surveys, view results in real time, and carry out advanced analysis.
  • LimeSurvey (formerly PHPSurveyor) is an open source online survey application. It enables users to develop, publish and collect responses to surveys. Surveys can include branching, custom preferred layout and design (using a web template system), and can provide basic statistical analysis of survey results. Surveys can be public, or can be strictly controlled through the use of "once-only" tokens for each survey participant.


  • PHProjekt is a PHP-based project management system, which provides an optional group system, different stages of privileges, Calendar, contacts, Time card, Projects, Chat, Forum, Request tracker, Mail client, Files, Notes, Bookmarks, to-do lists, reminders, voting, language support and other features.
  • dotProject is a project management system, which includes companies, projects, tasks, forums, files, calendar, contacts, tickets/helpdesk, language support, user/module permissions, themes, etc.


  • Templates Express is a series of static templates, which users can install and start building their websites.
  • Soholaunch Pro Edition From basic, informational websites to robust e-business applications, this script vastly simplifies the creation and management of cutting-edge internet solutions. It installs at the end-users web site and empowers novices and seasoned developers alike with a streamlined development and management process unmatched by any other software product.


  • PhpWiki is a content management system where users can edit pages through an HTML form. Linking is carried out automatically on the server side and all pages are stored in a database.
  • TikiWiki is an online news system, which features integrated subsystems such as Forum, newsletter, blog, FAQ, webmail, Maps, Calendar, etc.


  • Dew-NewPHPLinks is an open source free PHP script, which allows users to run a powerful link exchange or a full blown search engine, and which has multilevel site categorization, infinite threaded search capabilities and more.
  • Moodle is a course management system created to aid educators developing online courses. It is offered in 34 languages, and includes a WYSIWYG HTML Editor. The user has a complete control of all course settings and can choose from a wide range of course activities including Forums, Journals, Quizzes, Resources, Choices, Surveys, Assignments, Chats, Workshops, user logging and tracking, mail integration and other features.
  • Noah's Classifieds is a classified ads tool, which offers categories and subcategories of unlimited depth, variable fields per categories, image upload for categories and classifieds, locking categories, classifieds approval, classifieds management by user, auto-generation of thumbnails and customizable e-mail notifications.
  • Open-Realty is a real estate listing and content management system, which offers attachments, a flexible search tool, a template system, and a Yahoo Maps interface.
  • OpenX is the world's leading independent ad technology platform serving 300 billion ads monthly on more than 150,000 websites across the Internet.
  • PHPauction provides the most complete suite of applications and services for building auction websites, offering a wide variety options such as Standard auctions, Reverse auctions, Classifieds, Trading software and modules.
  • phpFormGenerator is a form generator, which offers up to 100 form fields, various field types including file upload, customizable field attributes, the ability to send submitted data to an e-mail address or store it in a database, administration panel and other features.
  • WebCalendar is a feature-rich open-source script, which provides single and multi-user calendars.